Carmichael Lynch creates the unfair ideas that give our clients an unfair advantage.

We create the unfair ideas that give our clients an unfair advantage. Sometimes they’re great big ideas that transform entire organizations. Sometimes they’re nimble little ideas that hijack a conversation. Unfair ideas let us do more with less. They’re contagious. They’re talked about. One day, ideas like these may be commonplace, but today, in our clients’ ceaselessly competitive marketing environments, they’re uniquely, utterly and wonderfully unfair.

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recent work.

Subaru Love Campaign

Love. It's What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru.  Read More

Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s was a small jerky brand with big ambitions. Sasquatch was an elusive beast with no ambition. So, we brought them together. Mainly though, we just thought it’d be kind of dumb and funny. Our target market agreed, our strategically sound strategists rejoiced, and Jack Link’s is more than living up to those big ambitions. Read More

Carmichael Lynch, Subaru and REI Present a Day for all Dogkind

Carmichael Lynch worked with Subaru and REI to help shelter dogs and New York City dogs #OptOutside on Black Friday. The initiative aimed to help both dogs who spend their lives in shelters and those surrounded by concrete, to experience the great outdoors. Subaru provided a fleet of Outback vehicles to transport the dogs from New York to Bear Mountain for a day outside on a beautiful 5200-acre park. Read More


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