Diesel - Be Stupid With Music

Branded Content -- Diesel Style

Diesel has used music in its marketing efforts for over a decade and realized that their platform was outdated, reaching only tastemaker audiences. They charged FRUKT with creating a new platform built on leveraging passion for music within an expressive fashion environment - and to drive interaction through social media channels. 

What Diesel Asked For

Leverage their "Be Stupid" campaign within the context of music and across social media.

What We Did

We took the focus away from the musicians and moved it onto the fans. We empowered fans globally to express themselves and to find the most obsessively followed bands from around the world.

We set up digital and social media platforms and challenges which enabled fans to demonstrate their obsessions and for bands to rally their fans around showing their fanaticism.

The key component was called Skin Deep - enabling people to get their favorite band name tattooed onto their bodies and share this passion.

Glass-walled tattoo parlors were set up in flagship stores, parties were arranged and the press was invited!

What We Achieved

The program was a huge success, with total press reach through the event at 2,900,000; 94% increased footfall in stores and 500,000 authentic and targeted Facebook impressions.

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