24 Hour Session with Maroon 5

Adam Levine of Maroon 5

We got Maroon 5 into a studio in London, and got them to record a new track in 24 hours under the spotlight of the world looking and interacting with the creative process.  40 Coke markets, hundreds of thousand of streams and 107.1 million Twitter impressions later, we let them out. 

What Coke asked us to do

Achieve resonance with a global teen audience through music and social media.

What we did

We created the platform, identified, negotiated and managed the band, coordinated other agencies (digital, PR), engaged and involved local markets to amplify and localise, and managed the 24 hours in the studio. 

What we achieved

  • Live feed viewed in 139 countries
  • 3.5 million Facebook impressions
  • 500,000 views on Youtube
  • 107.1 million Twitter impressions in 24 hours




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