Foreign Government Representation

African Republic
Our Agency:
Cassidy & Associates
Public Affairs / Government Relations

Cassidy & Associates represented this African Republic for over seven years. During our engagement we achieved many government relations and public relations victories on its behalf.

Crisis Management

We were retained at a point of crisis to provide strategic advice and counsel to the government and president related to enhancing intergovernmental relationships with the U.S., developing milestones that would improve their reputation in the international community of nations, and reducing tension and conflict related to compliance with international banking and trade standards.

Advancing Positive Relations

Our team undertook successful government relations and earned media campaigns representing the country in the U.S., and enabled a congressional staff delegation to visit the country for the first time, which had a tremendously positive impact on the delegation members’ views of the country.

Increased Bi-lateral Ties

  • We helped to set up the first-ever meeting between the President and a U.S. Secretary of State, and helped to strengthen relations between the Ambassador and the State and Defense Departments.
  • While our client had previously shared a diplomatic post with Cameroon, the country now has its own Ambassador who is a strong, credible and proactive career diplomat.
  • Finally, our client has been able to partner with USAID in order to create the Fund for Social Development, which provides support on issues like education, human rights, food policy and in other areas of importance.