‘10 Huge Moves’ of 2023

13 December 2022



Huge has launched its newest venture, Huge Moves™, which is a digital news platform and print magazine. Setting a new standard for branded content and operating with complete editorial independence, Huge Moves™ focuses on the design and technology trends shaping the future of business. Be inspired and better prepared for what’s ahead with a curated list of “10 Huge Moves” for 2023. Each “move” provides an in-depth narrative covering the people and actions shaping the world next year.

The “10 Huge Moves” for 2023 feature the following subjects and themes:

  • Supply Chain × Scarcity
  • Aviation × Control
  • Fashion × Circularity
  • Design × Energy
  • Super Apps × Competition
  • Autonomous Vehicles × Evolution
  • Web3 × Power
  • Art × Ownership
  • Artificial Intelligence × Creativity
  • Workplace × Mobility

Check out the inaugural issue here.

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