Brand Relationship Design

25 July 2022


Between economic instability, an ongoing global pandemic, existential climate crisis, and international conflicts, we’re living in a world that feels more complex and uncertain than at any other point in our lives, making it hard for people to feel confident about many of their decisions. At the same time, customer satisfaction has plummeted to a 17-year low, despite marketers’ consistent focus on retaining customers.

In last year’s Brand Relationship Design report, R/GA identified six key attributes for fostering successful brand relationships with customers: first impression, ease of use, communication, personalization, reward, and community. In this follow-up study these six attributes are examined to understand how brands are succeeding in these areas, and what we can learn from them. Identify the attributes that are most important to customers and what is the first action brands should take to improve customer satisfaction.

Read more about the study and download the playbook here.

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