CI Conversations Podcast Explores “The Great Resignation”

22 October 2021

In this CI Conversations podcast episode, Paul Parton and Ben Kalevitch talk about ”The Great Resignation” and its impact on today’s workplaces. During a time when 49% of employees feel burned out and 49% of executives consider hiring and retention the top threat to their business, understanding employee needs and expectations has become increasingly imperative to an organization’s success.

United Minds’ recent Global Employee Experience Survey discovered that while competitive pay and generous perks are key to employee satisfaction and retention, the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the job is equally important. While employees want to retain the agency and flexibility they gained during the pandemic, they also want to feel appreciated and motivated, which are two of the top three predictors of retention and satisfaction today.

Paul and Ben discuss the temporary issues facing employers, including return to office protocol and vaccination requirements, and further discuss shifts likely to become permanent, such as employees’ preference for a hybrid work environment and work/life balance.

CI-Conversations-Oct 2021-Transcript

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