Cracking the Roblox Code with Roforco

27 July 2022


Brought to you by Jack X, Jack Morton’s innovation practice, this podcast features Tom Middleton, CEO and Co-founder, Roforco, talking about Roforco, the game studio which helps brands leverage the game creation system ‘Roblox.’ Middleton discusses the importance of the shock-value for a brand, the ability to create an amazing first impression on the site and develop a game that gets people talking. He also mentions how incredibly important it is to build upon this initial impact, with the creation of fans and a community, to ensure longevity in Roblox. Jack X and Middleton also discuss how to build a game that stands this test of time.

For many brands, Roblox is an unknown and untapped market. The influence of the game will help answer that all-important question – How can you change, for the better, an entire generation’s perspective of your brand?

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