Entering the Metaverse: How to Find the Best Entry Points for Your Brand

17 February 2022



Thanks to Facebook’s recent rebranding as Meta, the metaverse has become a buzzy topic in the media and marketing world lately. Much of the discussion so far has been understandably focused on the key players and consumer-facing platforms that are driving its development, such as Facebook’s investment in Oculus and Fortnite’s live events, but the metaverse is an all-encompassing concept that goes much further than that.

As a leading contender for the next iteration of the internet, the metaverse promises to create a persistent, shared, and creator-driven digital world. While this vision may take years, if not a decade, to come to fruition, we’re already starting to see bits and pieces of it being integrated into digital products we’re using today, no VR headsets or crypto wallets required.

Read about some of the viable entry points into the metaverse that all brands should take into consideration before jumping to VR experiences and buying virtual real estate.

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