Future of On-Demand Commerce

30 September 2022


As the discovery-to-purchase funnel continues to collapse in the face of near-ubiquitous shoppable units and content marketing, the post-purchase phase is now unquestionably a heightened part of the shopping experience. This means that owning — or having access to — robust logistics operations is more important than ever for brands.

From mobile wallet integration, to automated delivery bots, to the micro-fulfilment centers that are powering ultra-fast local grocery delivery services, the innovations in on-demand delivery are key to meeting consumer expectations and future-proofing the brand experience you offer.

Delivery is now a crucial component of the ecommerce experience. A recent UPS study showed that delivery time is by far the most important factor for online shoppers, with 77% of those surveyed noting that they are willing to pay for expedited shipping.

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