Global Advertising Market Exceeds Pre-COVID Levels

06 December 2021


Media owners’ advertising revenues grew by +22% in 2021 to reach a new all-time high of $710 billion and is forecasted to grow by +12% touching $795 billion. Ad spend grew in all 70 ad markets monitored by MAGNA and reached double-digits in 68 out of 70. Several of the world’s largest markets posted above-average growth including the US (+25%), the UK (+34%), Brazil (+30%), Canada (+27%) and Australia (+23%), while China (+17%) and India (+14%) experienced below average growth. 

According to Vincent Letang, EVP, Global Market Intelligence at MAGNA, “The global ad market recovered above and beyond the economic recovery in 2021. Mature linear ad formats recovered to 90% of the pre-COVID level, just as the economy did. Digital ad formats, by contrast, grew much faster than expected, driven by multiple organic growth factors, e-commerce boom being the most significant. Traditional, brand- and privacy-safe media remain crucial to building consumer brands, as shown by the strong demand boosting TV costs in 2021, but marketers are increasingly diversifying into digital formats to reach hard-to-reach audiences, improve ROI and connect more seamlessly to e-commerce. This once-in-a-lifetime planet alignment of growth factors led to the unprecedented market growth we experienced in 2021.” 

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