How to Harness Shoppable Video

21 July 2022



As YouTube and Shopify announce a highly significant integration, Reprise Commerce focuses on how to get ahead in a world where commerce meets community.

If you want to sell eCommerce products, you need to connect with your audience. For some time now, social media has provided the basis for marketing, while eCommerce platforms facilitated sales. But the disconnect between the “Like” and the “Buy Now” button is often a few steps too far.

The idea of in-content shopability is revolutionizing eCommerce. In China and the Far East, the lines between influencer and seller has blurred, as Gen Z creators make video content where the viewer need only click on an item in-video to buy it. Indeed, most major innovations in social and live commerce is coming from the highly trend-driven youth culture in the East. In fact, the latest research suggests that nearly half Gen Z would rather search on Tik Tok than Google (Google Trends).

In the West, we have been slower to catch on. But as two big hitters of eCommerce and content – Shopify and YouTube – announce a crucial new partnership, shoppable video is not just around the corner, but at the door.

So, what does it mean? If you imagine CTAs, links, signs, and other clickable points on a YouTube video, you are on the right track. For merchants, this offers up a whole new landscape of influencer marketing opportunities.

Read the key points of the YouTube-Shopify integration from Reprise Commerce.

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