IPG DXTRA Examines How Marketers Will Drive Relevance and Real Change in 2022

25 October 2021


IPG DXTRA brings together a comprehensive report featuring insights from several agency leaders to shed light on what is coming next. Experts share their insights based on their experiences from the past tumultuous year, and how the knowledge gained has given them an edge for today and tomorrow.

The report presents a range of issues and opportunities for brands and marketers to explore future trends, and implores them to look beyond the horizon. The leaders leverage their experience of the pandemic, and discuss the future of marketing to answer a key question: How Marketers Will Drive Relevance and Real Change in 2022? The agency experts make predictions about the reverse pivot from virtual to live events, the emergence of hybrid workplaces, intense competition for talent, pressure to deliver on ESG and DEI goals, geopolitical risks, ethical use of data, and evolving influencer, entertainment and sports marketing landscapes. Explore more in the report below and at IPG DXTRA’s Thought Leadership site.

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