IPG Health Heads to South by Southwest

25 March 2022


IPG Health leaders were at 2022’s South by Southwest film, media, marketing and music festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas.

Brands of all types and sizes took part, connecting over 10 days with the more than 350,000 attendees.

IPG Health’s experts explored:

Driving healthcare forward in the digital world: Do video games offer a path to a healthier lifestyle? Yes, really. What role does the metaverse have for healthcare? IPG Health leaders explore these key trends and other takeaways from SXSW 2022 and what they mean for the healthcare industry.

Gaming’s lessons for healthcare: Video games as a way to better health? Actually, yes. Think about it, gaming is about creating a holistic experience. There are daily apps most of us use that we may not think of as gamification but are. Can pharma follow the same mindset when it is trying to deliver education containing credible scientific data, speaker training, peer-to-peer, and within clinical trials? Starbucks, Nike Run Club, and Wordle are just a few examples that pharma can follow.

Healthcare in the metaverse: Ultimately, the concepts of Web3 technologies for the metaverse create a host of opportunities for the healthcare industry. For one, patients and clients will have greater control of their experience. Further, Web3 technologies can help companies create more binding relationships. A critical bridge will be that of education and trust.

Making a more human health experience: How can healthcare providers create experiences that connect with all customers? Here are five ways organizations can practice inclusive design.

Using data for better health equity: One of the most talked about topics in the Health & Med-Tech track at SXSW 2022 was the notion of Health Equity – the belief that everyone should have equal opportunity and access to effective healthcare. We show how agencies can help marketers use data to close the gap.

Lost in digital translation: Today, we have proven remote work is a possibility, but, being in the healthcare industry, we should acknowledge it should not be the ONLY way of working because, frankly, it may not be healthy for everyone. There are people who feel a video call can’t quell their loneliness. Today, agencies are tasked with being both flexible and pragmatic when asking staff to return to office.

Making the most of hybrid events: The lure of live events doesn’t have to slow momentum of virtual or hybrid meeting opportunities. We have the tools to create balanced, value-based hybrid experiences and success will come down to choosing the right tech and using it in smart ways to meet the needs of your business and audience.

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