Outlook 2022: Embracing Entropy

20 January 2022



As COVID becomes endemic in much of the world, and we think about which cultural changes and behaviors from the past two years will become permanent and which will recede, it’s increasingly clear that the only common theme of the 2020’s will be entropy. Will knowledge workers return to the office, stay remote, go hybrid, or work from the metaverse? Yes to all of those, depending on the industry and the company, and whether you’re thinking about 2022 or 2025. Will our supply chain issues be resolved? Some yes, and improved dramatically from where they were, and some are destined never to return, forcing our physical and virtual store shelves to reconfigure themselves for a less-reliable reality. Over the next three to five years, the most reliable prediction will be disorder, with multiple possibilities happening at once, and sometimes changing daily. 

This Outlook is an overview of the trends and topics that the Lab expects to break out in the next few years, why they’re important, and how you should respond. Read about four trends shaping the future of media and technology: Power to the People; Lifecycle Loyalty; The Multiplayer Internet; and The Great Escape.

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