The Asian American Consumer 2022

08 June 2022


Many young Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs), especially those born in the U.S., identify with a pan-AANHPI culture, unlocking the opportunity to speak to unified experiences and values shared across diverse ethnic groups. Reaching the AANHPI community can be scalable, from an in-language campaign on a local level focused on one subgroup to a national, or even global, campaign leaning into a pan-AANHPI phenomenon, like K-pop.

Meaningful representation and authentic storytelling are cornerstones. Lack of representation in media and advertising leaves a blank space for marketers to do it correctly, and doing it correctly means showing Asian faces in authentic, diverse, non-stereotypical ways. In-language and in-culture channels provide endemic environments to reach Asian Americans, especially those with strong ties to, and trust in Asian-language, culture, and media. Where representation does not exist, AANHPIs create their own, utilizing online access to form communities, establish connections, and hear from trusted influencers.

Digital, tech-forward consumption habits unlock new paths for brand engagement. High adoption of the newest devices makes Asian Americans an ideal audience to pilot first-to-market channels and engagement tactics. AANHPIs are active on all major social platforms, opening a path for a diverse range of brands to connect with them. While they are strongly engaged on TikTok and Instagram, Snap, Twitter, and Reddit offer additional opportunities. When it comes to audio, Asian Americans are the heaviest podcast listeners by a significant margin. The duality of leaning into the same media for news, learning, and entertainment allows brands to reach Asian Americans on a variety of occasions.

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