The Future of Media Responsibility and Privacy

06 December 2021


How is shifting consumer sentiment around data privacy shaping current and future regulatory priorities? In this episode of The Room, the UM Diversity, Equity & Belonging (DEB) Council talks candidly about their roles and how they weave DEB into their work. UM’s Chief Digital Officer, Joshua Lowcock, and Chief Privacy Officer, Arielle Garcia chat with Chief Diversity Officer, Jeff Marshall to explore this question. They discuss the implications of Section 230 reform, the continued expansion of privacy legislation, and the growing emphasis by lawmakers on protecting people—especially vulnerable populations—from online and real-world harm.

The conversation captures key considerations and actions toward repairing consumer trust and embracing responsibility, such as meeting the demand for greater transparency and choice over data collection and use, recalibrating the value exchange to be fairer to people, and creating a better, safer online experience for everyone. Watch the video to hear how a responsible, people-first approach to advertising can yield positive outcomes for platforms, brands and people alike.

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