The Healthcare Value Attack

25 April 2023


Revive first spotted the trend in 2018: In the media, in politics, from health plans and pharma, there was an uptick in accusations aimed at hospitals and health systems. Whatever the source, when the topic was the rising cost of healthcare, the target was hospitals and health systems. After a brief lull while hospitals sustained the nation through the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, targeting hospitals has returned with a vengeance. They have named this trend “the value attack.” And it is more than a trend. In 2023, hospitals and health systems face an assault on the reputation of hospitals that is only intensifying.

Download The Healthcare Value Attack to gain insights on:

  • Being proactive against media attacks with a story built on your organization’s indispensability as a healthcare provider
  • Reversing the trend of growing institutional mistrust among consumers looking for the care they need
  • Defending yourself against the perception of hospitals and health systems as profit-hungry
  • Showing the real and positive impact your organization has had on your community

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