The Power of Influence

30 June 2022



As the second quarter of 2022 closes, ITB takes a look at key consumer and content trends. From the rise of main character energy, the Gen Z aesthetic takeover, and the power of sharing openly and honestly, this report highlights the movements that matter and the implications for brands and the world of influence.

Key learnings include:

Consumers are craving memorable experiences in the wake of the pandemic and are willing to spend money if it will help them to feel something. The best marketing in 2022 will center on the consumer, not the product.

Gen Z crave comfort and fun over material goods. Having been marketed to via digital means their whole lives, brands need to have purpose and something truly meaningful to offer to cut through the noise.

Consumers want to be entertained, but in a way that fits into their busy lifestyles. Podcasts are here to stay and short-form video is a way to create snackable content in a fast-paced world.

Creativity, whimsy, and a sense of wonder can inspire meaningful narratives and foster a connection between today’s online consumers seeking meaning in an increasingly blended online-offline world.

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