The Truth About Sustainability and Actions for a Hopeful Future

06 December 2021


McCann Worldgroup Truth Central’s global study has many provocative insights into people’s behavior and opinions on sustainability, and offers up actionable counsel for brands to bridge the divide between what people say and what they do. For instance, brands can reshape the conversation through a lens of ‘more’ (more time, health, flourishing, community, joy) rather than less (less sickness, pollution, stress, exploitation) to evolve the way people view a sustainable and healthy world. 

The study reveals that 90% of people globally are willing to change their actions to be sustainable. Yet only 13% of people are willing to give up eating meat, just 9% are willing to limit international travel, and 1 in 3 people say that they’ll choose the cheapest option even if they know it’s bad for the environment.  

The report examines an inherent climate conundrum: most people want to lead sustainable lives but the world is not structured for climate-conscious decisions to be the default. That’s where brands can play a particularly valuable and crucial role. Read the Executive Summary below for more insights from the study. To learn more about Truth Central’s work visit:

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