General Standard Disclosures: Strategy & Analysis

Michael Roth 

Understanding that sustainability is a significant opportunity as well as an important responsibility for our company, we began, a year ago, to report on our sustainability initiatives utilizing the GRI-G4 framework.  In this, our second year of reporting, we continue to progress on our sustainability journey, making strides on this key indicator of our success as a company and as a corporate citizen.

This year, we have expanded the measurement of our greenhouse gas emissions to include not only our largest buildings in the United States, but also nearly all of our properties in the UK.  Our plan is to continue to expand this boundary to get a fuller picture of our impact as well as to set targets for reduction going forward.  We have also continued our support of the UN Global Compact. As a UN Global Compact signatory, we have publically committed to the 10 principles that the compact embraces in the areas of environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, human rights and anti-corruption.

Importantly, this past year, IPG signed onto Common Ground, an initiative that brings together the major marketing and advertising holding companies in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  IPG adopted UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 6, ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.  Our agencies are engaged in many initiatives that foster the advancement of goal 6.  We’ve partnered with our clients to creatively raise awareness about saving children’s lives by educating moms on hand washing, we are part of a consortium that is bringing freshwater research – and the sport of rowing -- to the Kafue River in Zambia, and we have helped raise money for clean water around the world. IPG has also produced a video about its involvement with clean water and sanitation.

We have developed a cross-agency, interdisciplinary team devoted to our support of SDG #6. This team is working to maximize the impact of IPG’s existing work on water and sanitation, as well as to broaden and deepen our work in this key area during the coming year. 

IPG’s commitment to our communities continues to include employee volunteerism, broad-based pro bono and client work, as well as traditional cash donations and management commitment to not-for-profit leadership. These initiatives include teen suicide prevention, tackling the effects of air pollution on children and encouraging urban sanitation in India. IPG’s community involvement continues to have a positive impact in the places around the world where we do business, and where our employees and their families live and work.

Sustainability matters to IPG as a citizen of the world and as a company that needs to continue to succeed in the marketplace. Doing what’s right for our communities is an important part of our DNA and of our history.  We look forward to continuing to deepen and broaden our commitment to sustainability during the year ahead.