General Standard Disclosures: Organizational Profile

Report the number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries where either the organization has significant operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability topics covered in the report.

  • IPG agencies are located in over 100 countries, including every significant world market.
  • In recent years, IPG has made significant investments in Brazil and India, further strengthening their leadership position in these high-growth, developing markets. 
  • IPG also holds a majority stake in the Middle East Communication Networks (“MCN”), MCN is headquartered in Dubai, with 65 offices across 14 countries. In China, IPG continues to invest organically in the talent of our agency brands.
  • Interpublic group is headquartered in New York City, with Corporate Offices in the U.S. and Europe.


New York
909 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
United States
Phone: (212) 704-1200

Regional office US.

13801 FNB Parkway
Omaha, NE 68154
United States
Phone: (402) 965-4800

Regional Office Europe

3 Grosvenor Gardens
London, SW1W OBD
Phone: 44 (0) 20 7082 0120