Specific Standard Disclosures: Economic

Significant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impacts

  1. Report examples of the significant identified positive and negative indirect economic impacts the organization has. These may include:

  • Changing the productivity of organizations, sectors, or the whole economy
  • Economic development in areas of high poverty
  • Economic impact of improving or deteriorating social or environmental conditions
  • Availability of products and services for those on low incomes
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge amongst a professional community or in a geographical region
  • Jobs supported in the supply chain or distribution chain
  • Stimulating, enabling, or limiting foreign direct investment
  • Economic impact of change in location of operations or activities
  • Economic impact of the use of products and services

Report the significance of the impacts in the context of external benchmarks and stakeholder priorities,  such as national and international standards, protocols, and policy agendas.

Sustainability in all its forms – environmental responsibility, good corporate citizenship, ensuring socially-responsible business practices – is important and integral to the way we do business around the world.

In terms of suppliers, IPG IT actively assesses the credentials and qualifications of our partners and encourages them to adopt environmentally friendly policies. At IPG, we source from a wide base of suppliers to ensure economic advantage for our clients.

Each year, around the world, IPG agencies work to make a difference in the communities where our agencies operate.  These projects can be seen on the STRONGER section of our website and include partnering with the United Nations on furthering Sustainable Development Goal #6, access to clean water and sanitation, working to eradicate polio in Pakistan and bringing awareness to domestic violence in Vienna.

In developing nations where IPG operates, IPG agencies, by the nature of their business, help local businesses to be more productive in terms of their marketing and promotional activities.  IPG agencies in local markets around the world purchase goods and services from local businesses and entrepreneurs and, of course, employ individuals from local communities.  All of these activities benefit the local economies where IPG agencies operate.