Specific Standard Disclosures: Environment

Significant environmental impacts of transporting products and other goods and materials for the organization's operations, and transporting members of the workforce.

As a client services business, IPG does not transport appreciable amounts of material, nor does IPG manufacture or ship manufactured goods. Our primary asset is our people. And, as a company with clients and offices located all over the world, our employees do travel frequently for business. We are working to mitigate the impact of this travel in several ways.

First, IPG encourages its employees to utilize alternate meeting tools when available and when practical. Multiple file sharing systems are in place and are regularly utilized, as are video conferencing resources. In our new corporate space in New York City, several of our conference rooms are lync-enabled, which has expanded our functionality from laptops and desktops (voice, video and screen share) to the conference room audio system and LCD monitors. So employees are now able to see video stream from those speaking on one LCD monitor next to a monitor showing the presentation materials. Remote users are able to see speakers and participants in the conference room alongside presentation materials being shared from a laptop.

While while some business travel is of course absolutely essential, we are among the first Fortune 500 companies to implement a tool that allows our business travelers to take carbon emissions into consideration when booking their travel – for more information and detail on this initiative, please see our response to G4EN-17.