Specific Standard Disclosures: Human Rights

Total hours of employee training on human rights policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations, including the percentage of employees trained

IPG provides Code of Conduct training each year as well as anti-harassment training to all new hires in the U.S., and to senior  managers outside the U.S. Every two years, we re-train California managers, and every four years, we re-train all US employees.  Our Chief Executive Officer invites and encourages all employees to take these courses and we have had good success in obtaining high levels of employee participation.  Specifically:

New Hire Code of Conduct Course

5,882 completed x 50 minutes to complete =294,100 minutes = 4,901 hours

89.2% completion rate

California Harassment course

452 completed x120 minutes to complete=54,240 minutes = 904 hours

CA Harassment is only for California. There is a legal requirement under CA State Law, AB1825 for supervisors in California to receive 2 hours of training every 2 years

Employee / Supervisor Harassment course

 526 completedx35 minutes to complete =18,410 minutes= 307 hours

Combined Harassment completion percentage is 79.4%

Affirmative Action Fundamentals

1,522 completedx30 minutes to complete = 45,660 minutes or 761 hours

82.2% completion rate

Code of Conduct Course-Current Employees

For 2015 Code of Conduct:

Approximately 30 minutes x 42,209 completed = 1,272,270 minutes = 21,204.5 hours


21,205.5 + 4,901+ 904 + 307 + 761 = 28,077.5 hours