General Standard Disclosures: Organizational Profile

GRI Indicator Reporting Level Description Reference/Response UN Global Compact Principle Alignment

Report the name of the organization

Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.


Report the primary brands, products and services

IPG operates in all major world markets – our companies specialize in consumer advertising, digital marketing, communications planning and media buying, public relations and specialized communications disciplines.

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Report the location of the organization's headquarters

909 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022


Report the number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries where either the organization has significant operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability topics covered in the report

IPG is a global company with offices in over 100 countries.

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Report the nature of ownership and legal form

IPG is a publicly traded company.

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Report the markets served

We are one of the world’s premier global advertising and marketing services companies.

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Report the scale of the organization, including: total number of employees, total number of operations, net sales or net revenues, total capitalization broken down in terms of debt and equity, quantity of products or services provided

IPG is a global company with employees and operations in more than 100 countries.

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a. Report the total number of employees by employment contract and gender.

b. Report the total number of permanent employees by employment type and gender.

c. Report the total workforce by employees and supervised workers and by gender

d. Report the total workforce by region and gender.

e. Report whether a substantial portion of the organization’s work is performed by workers who are legally recognized as self-employed, or by individuals other than employees or supervised workers, including employees and supervised employees of contractors.

f. Report any significant variations in employment numbers (such as seasonal variations in employment in the tourism or agricultural industries).


Report the percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.

The percentage of IPG employees covered by collective bargaining is zero – 0 percent.

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Describe the organization’s supply chain.

Understanding and Monitoring the Conduct and Impact of our Supply Chain

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a. Report any significant changes during the reporting period regarding the organization’s size, structure, ownership, or its supply chain, including:

Changes in the location of, or changes in, operations, including facility openings, closings, and expansions
Changes in the share capital structure and other capital formation, maintenance, and alteration operations (for private sector organizations)
Changes in the location of suppliers, the structure of the supply chain, or in relationships with suppliers, including selection and termination

There have been no significant changes during the reporting period in IPG's size, structure, ownership, or supply chain.

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Report whether and how the precautionary approach or principle is addressed by the organization.

The precautionary approach generally applies to manufacturing, rather than service companies. Since IPG is a provider of marketing services, we do not consider the precautionary approach.  


List externally developed economic, environmental and social charters, principles or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or which it endorses

IPG is committed to good corporate citizenship.

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List memberships of associations and national or international advocacy organizations to which the organization holds a position on the governance body, participates in projects or committees, provides substantive funding beyond routine membership dues, views membership as strategic

IPG takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously.  This includes membership and leadership roles in trade associations as well as community organizations that impact the lives of communities where our employees live and work.

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