General Standard Disclosures: Report Profile

GRI Indicator Reporting Level Description Reference/Response UN Global Compact Principle Alignment

Reporting period (such as fiscal or calendar year) for information provided.

We are reporting on a calendar year cycle.


Date of most recent previous report.

IPG published its last sustainability report in March of 2017. We update our sustainability site, STRONGER, on a weekly basis.


Reporting cycle.

IPG reports annually.


Provide the contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents

Jemma Gould, Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility and Communications



Report the in accordance option the organization has chosen. Report the GRI Content Index for the chosen option. Report the reference to the External Assurance Report, if the report has been externally assured. GRI recommends the use of external assurance but it is not a requirement to be in accordance with the Guidelines.

The GRI G4 Guidelines served as a guide for our reporting and our report includes a GRI content index, but we do not declare in accordance with either core or comprehensive levels.


Report the organization's policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report. If not included in the assurance report accompanying the sustainability report, report the scope and basis of any external assurance provided. Report the relationship between the organization and the assurance providers. Report whether the highest governance body or senior executives are involved in seeking assurance for the organization's sustainability report.

This report has not been externally assured.