Specific Standard Disclosures: Society

GRI Indicator Reporting Level Description Reference/Response UN Global Compact Principle Alignment

Total number and percentage of operations asessed for risks related to corruption and the significant risks identified

Interpublic assesses 100% of our operations for risks related to corruption.

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Principle 10: Anti-Corruption

Communication and training on anti-corruption policies and procedures

IPG regularly communicates its anti-corruption policies and procedures by a variety of methods. 

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Total value of political contributions by country and recipient/beneficiary

Although personal political activity is welcome, as employees we may not make political contributions by or in the name of IPG or any of its subsidiaries.

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Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using criteria for impacts on society

Please note this response is cross-referenced for G4-EN32, G4-LA14, G4-SO9 and G4-HR10.

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