McCann Athens/Fire Prevention

McCann Athens created a provocative spot to help raise awareness about fires in the Greek countryside.

Why Pro Bono?

Every summer, Greece suffers from massive fires burning down the Greek countryside.One of the worst examples occurred two years ago when a huge fire ruined the beautiful area around Ancient Olympia. Many of these fires are caused by mere neglect combined with a lack of awareness of how long it takes for a burnt forest to re-generate.


Wanting to make people realize that a burnt forest needs 30 years to become live and green again, McCann Erickson Athens created a spot for the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. The spot was posted on YouTube and circulated through Facebook and Twitter. It was also aired on Greek television during the summer months.


During the first ten days after the upload, the spot had nearly seven thousand views on YouTube. The spot also received a good deal of attention from the traditional media including high circulation Sunday newspapers and popular weekly press.


Stills from the YouTube spot

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