FCB Mayo and UTEC Develop “Plant Lamps” to Bring Light to Underserved Communities

Since 2011, FCB Mayo and the Universidad de Ingeniería and Tecnología (UTEC) have used marketing that demonstrates how engineering can transform the world for good. In their fourth such campaign, FCB Mayo and UTEC have created “Plant Lamps,” a system that converts nutrients from plants into energy that is stored in a conventional battery.

This new form of clean, renewable energy allows the lamp to shine without another energy source for up to two hours a day. UTEC and FCB Mayo brought 10 lamps to Nuevo Saposoa, a region of Peru that has little to no access to electricity.

“For communities like Nuevo Saposoa, the lack of electricity affects all aspects of community life: from socializing and education to safety,” said Elmer Ramírez, UTEC engineering professor and head of the “Plant Lamp” faculty and student research team. “We created ‘Plant Lamp’ to provide power to this rural population by exploiting their most basic asset: nature.”

“We’re proud to work with a client like UTEC, who invests its advertising budget on researching and creating ways to inspire future engineers to change our world for good,” said Humberto Polar, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of FCB Mayo and Regional Creative Director of FCB Latin America. “Adding ‘Plant Lamp’ to UTEC’s heritage of creating transformational solutions to everyday problems reinforces its position as one of the preeminent engineering universities in the world.”


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