AstraZeneca and McCann Health Launch the CO2 Inhaler

19 July 2021



Air pollution kills millions of people every year, according to the World Health Organization, and carbon dioxide exacerbates respiratory conditions in patients suffering from COPD or Asthma. AstraZeneca Brazil and McCann Health created an innovative way to bring awareness to this epidemic by introducing the CO2 Inhaler.

The CO2 Inhaler marks the first time pollution has been used to help patients breathe better. The special edition inhaler is made from carbon dioxide converted into biodegradable plastic, which houses the canister of medication.

AstraZeneca Brazil, McCann Health São Paulo, and McCann Health New York worked with one of the world’s top 100 chemists, Cornell University’s Geoffrey Coates, to develop the inhaler. Coates has been leading research and development of CO2 converted into plastic for over a decade, and co-founded Novomer, a leading sustainable manufacturing company that specializes in the polymerization of carbon dioxide. The team worked with Novomer to develop the inhaler as well.

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