Deutsch Campaign to Help Bring Clean Drinking Water to Ethiopia

20 May 2015


Every 20 seconds, a family in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a loved one to unsafe drinking water – often with nothing to remember them by. That’s why WATERisLIFE and Deutsch New York partnered with award-winning photographer, Neil DaCosta, to create a new campaign called, “The Last Family Portrait.”

“The Last Family Portrait” is an emotional project that set out to give remote Ethiopian families in Omo Valley their first-ever portraits – knowing it might be their last. Over one hundred families had their pictures taken, and all received a copy of their portrait.

“”Most people go into these rural areas of Ethiopia, snap a picture of the tribes and then leave,” said Kristine Bender, President of WATERisLIFE. “This is the first time anyone has physically printed, framed and given them a family portrait. You could see the gratitude on their faces. Knowing we are making a difference by capturing an important moment in their life, the project’s goal isn’t just to give family portraits, it’s to keep these families alive.”

A print campaign will feature individual family portraits, each with a call to action to help raise funds.  All donations from this project will go toward digging wells that will give Omo Valley families and others clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The campaign will run on Bloomberg, The Economist, and Forbes, among others.

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