Hill Holliday and Fireball Create World’s Biggest Tip Jar

24 March 2020


With many states closing bars and restaurants amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, those who rely on tips as a large part of their income will be especially hard hit. Fireball Whisky is, and always has been, a bartender’s brand, so Hill Holliday helped developed a Bartender Relief plan to help fundraise toward the US Bartender Guild’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (and other tax-exempt organizations that assist service industry members.) Fireball is getting the World’s Biggest Tip Jar started with a $100,000 donation and will match all contributions up to $400,000.

The campaign launched on twitter, facebook, and instagram to leverage the brand’s reach and followership as a force for good with a dedicated GoFundMe page to collect donations.

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