FCB Mexico and Ayudín Focus on Equality in New Campaign

In Argentina—a country where men still do much less of the household cleaning than women—there's a sarcastic expression: that when a man does do some chores, he “deserves a monument.” So, FCB Mexico and Clorox-owned cleaning brand Ayudín decided to literally do than just that.

In the campaign, entitled “Casi un monumento” (“Almost a Monument”), the brand built actual sculptures of men and women doing chores, and displayed them in the center of Buenos Aires. The figures of the men are missing sections and body parts, to highlight the gap between women's contributions and men's. For example, out of every 100 women who clean the floors, 72 men do. Jowy Roman, an emerging artist who champions gender equality created the sculptures, which were displayed in the city's Federal Republic of Brazil Square.

The campaign aims to show that while in the past, women doing household chores was something taken for granted, things are changing – but there's still work to be done. According to a recent study by Opinaia, in Argentina, women spend 50% more time cleaning the house every week, as compared to men, and only 37% of men perform these activities every day. In seven out of ten households where couples live together (with or without children), women are in charge of the household chores.

Ultimately, the campaign’s goal is to foster equity and co-responsibility between women and men, and to construct a “full” monument (rather than just “almost” a monument).

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