The Martin Agency Receives Inclusion Award for Outstanding Business Results

The Martin Agency received the Outstanding Business Results Award at the IPG 2019 Inclusion Awards. The award recognizes an agency that shows tangible evidence of successfully leveraging diversity and inclusion to enhance their business outcomes. And this is just what happened at The Martin Agency. At the start of 2018, CEO Kristen Cavallo and CCO Karen Costello re-committed to The Martin Agency’s heart — fighting invisibility for its clients and people.

Within the first six months of their leadership, the agency’s executive committee went from 80% men and no people of color to a 50/50 even split across gender and members from Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQIAA+ communities. Four people of color were either promoted or hired to head major departments, and a new department (Talent & Culture) was created and is led by Chief Culture Officer Carmina Drummond who prioritized culture and inclusion.

This commitment to inclusion built a culture that’s produced one-of-a-kind work at the agency like the Land O’Lakes “SHE-I-O” campaign, created by, directed by, and produced by women for women. And, as a founding member of the 3% Pay Equality Pledge and a supporter of Free the Bid, The Martin Agency was putting into practice what it preached.

The Martin Agency became a light in the dark, embedding representation and inclusion into every aspect of the agency. Its fearless leadership and boldness created a culture that celebrates diversity.

In 2018, the agency won seven new pieces of business and did not lose any clients from previous years, while also seeing a double-digit increase in annual profit margin and revenue. Media coverage became increasingly positive, with numerous headlines about the agency’s inclusive work and leadership.

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