IPG hosted its annual Women’s Breakfast at CES with top innovators who represent investors, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders—to discuss the two-way “Innovation Exchange” that can exist between start-ups and established marketers.

The breakfast, attended by over 125 agency professionals and clients, was moderated by Patricia Choi, VP of Technology at R/GA Portland with panelists: Jill Cress, Chief Marketing Officer, National Geographic Partners; Cong Ding, Investor, Comcast Ventures; Danielle Lee, Global Vice President, Partner Solutions, Spotify; and Billie Whitehouse, Founder, Wearable X.

The discussion focused on early- and growth-stage companies which have a lot to offer large corporations, who crave access to innovative technologies and teams. On the flip side, mature organizations can help startups grow and scale in incredibly valuable ways. The result is what we call an “innovation exchange,” or the future of corporate innovation.