Acxiom provides the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers.

Acxiom provides the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers. We enable people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI. A leader in identity and ethical data use for nearly 50 years, Acxiom helps thousands of clients and partners around the globe work together to create a world where all marketing is relevant.

Acxiom designs, builds, and manages the unified foundation of data and technology that helps brands grow revenue, win new customers, increase customer loyalty, and optimize marketing spend. We offer the deepest set of capabilities to help brands – and their agencies and technology partners – deliver exceptional experiences across every consumer touchpoint, including the world’s best global data across over 60 countries, identity solutions, technology, and insight and strategy services. With a team of over 1,600 data specialists with unparalleled market knowledge of consumer data, 200 plus vertical experts with deep domain expertise across industries and specific use cases, and a large client services and delivery organization, Acxiom’s powerhouse team helps our clients succeed as effective omnichannel, data-driven marketers.

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    hundred data specialists
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Acxiom Is a Leader in the Ethical Use of Data

Acxiom has been a recognized leader in the ethical use of data for over 40 years. We believe transparency and trust are vital to consumers and our clients. To learn about Acxiom’s legacy and accomplishments in the area of data governance and ethics, please see the infographic that accompanies this case. Read More

Acxiom Provides Unified Data Solutions

While the market is ripe with thousands of martech and adtech options, marketers must ensure they have the right unified data foundation in place for a unified customer view to optimize their full marketing application ecosystem. Acxiom helps brands unify data for omnichannel engagement to power exceptional customer experiences. Read More

Acxiom Works with Heathrow on Customer Experience

Every year, over 75 million passengers travel through Heathrow on their way to and from 185 cities. Watch this video to see how Heathrow solved the customer experience challenge and achieve 23% increase in customer spend per visit. Acxiom’s Connected Spaces is a combination of technology and data that enables you to better identify, understand and engage with customers across all touchpoints. Destinations, venues, terminals, malls and resorts now recognize that they are more than physical spaces – today they exist to enrich consumer experiences. Read More


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