KRC Research is a full service global public opinion research consultancy.

KRC Research is a full service global public opinion research consultancy and leading provider of research to IPG’s industry-leading communications, advertising, and branding firms. The premise is simple: in order to change opinion you must understand it and you must understand what drives it. Whether you are trying to improve employee communications in your company, enhance your corporate reputation among stakeholders, raise the level of awareness of your product, or advocate for a change in public policy, you must understand your audiences and develop a strategy that speaks to them.

That is why Interpublic Companies not only use research, but have an ongoing relationship with KRC Research. KRC Research comprises market research professionals from the worlds of political campaigns, consumer marketing, journalism and academia. KRC is a team that combines state-of-the-art research methodologies with real-world communications experience.

Combining traditional research tools like surveys, focus groups, and interviews with new research technology and innovative methodologies like online communities, social media analytics, and iPad intercepts, KRC Research helps clients achieve strategic outcomes including:

• Measuring the success of communications, branding, and advertising campaigns

• Illuminating the competitive landscape via audience segmentation, brand equity evaluations, preference driver analysis, and more

• Developing proprietary thought leadership by uncovering and taking ownership of an industry’s big ideas

• Using data to generate headlines, put brands in the spotlight, and start conversations

• Exploring current brand perceptions and finding opportunities to improve them

• Demonstrating familiarity with a new client’s industry to win new business

• Testing creative concepts (ads, logos, names, positioning) to uncover winning strategies and optimization opportunities

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KRC Research Helps Those Who Help Others

KRC Research worked with Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) on a pro bono basis to survey current and prospective donors. KRC’s work was designed to help GBLS better understand the mindset of their donors as well to determine how to best optimize their messaging and communications approach. Read More


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    • New Campaigns Launched KRC Pulse Poll, a new product to help IPG partner companies achieve fast and actionable survey statistics among American and Canadian consumers at a low cost. 
      Posted on April 25, 2012
    • Operations Will launch DC Influencer Insights proprietary research tool.  This new product/tool will allow clients to rapidly and accurately measure awareness, assess opinions, or test messages among Washington, DC political and policy elites which matter most to them.
      Posted on April 25, 2012
    • New Business Won Bausch & Lomb Posted on April 25, 2012
    • New Business Won Cargill.
      Posted on April 25, 2012
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