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NeON is a unique synthesis of traditional and digital marketing experts who leverage insights, data and analytics to successfully launch new products and increase growth for in-line brands.  Through our proprietary strategic process of success sessions, scenario planning, and strategic and creative rumbles, we champion product launches and reinvigorate brands at any point in their lifecycle. We integrate marketing strategy at every stage of our process to create campaigns that deepen customer relationships and drive brand value.  Our unique ONELINE approach for existing brands, integrating online and offline,  translates strategy into a true multichannel approach across professional, managed markets and consumer audiences.

NeON opened its doors with 25 people and has grown to more than 100 in the past three years while adding four healthcare clients.  During this growth, NeON led global product launches for Pfizer and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and launched new indications for Novartis Oncology Product. Currently, NeON manages 15 brands including blockbuster drugs Gleevec, Atripla and Micardis.

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Neon Uses Cheesy Ads for Recruitment

Neon, an FCB Health Network agency, knows everyone hates cheesy pharma ads. That’s why Neon created Pharma Cheese, its new bad ad generator as a recruitment tool. With just a few clicks, visitors can instantly generate a full-page pharma ad that stinks to high heaven. Read More

Neon and National Autism Association Raise Awareness of Autism in Toddlers

To mark World Autism Awareness Day, the National Autism Association and Neon, an FCB Health Network company, have launched “Autism SOS,” a new campaign that provides a quick, memorable acronym for the initial signs of autism in children between the ages of 12 months and 24 months that can be used by caregivers, teachers, and healthcare providers. Autism SOS highlights the three broad ways experts categorize these early signals: “S” – Social avoidance: Difficulty relating to other people and the world around them “O” – Obsession & repetition: Obsessive, repetitive or non-flexible behavior “S” – Speech delays: Difficulty communicating, both verbally and non-verbally... Read More


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