Craft is a global adaptation and production network.

As one of the industry’s largest global adaptation, translation and production networks, Craft’s teams collaborate to create smart, bespoke, networked production solutions for many world-class brands. Its network of more than 800 full-time employees in 120 countries includes a significant presence in low-cost markets and a comprehensive transcreation offering to ensure local market relevance.

Our mission is to help world-class brands drive efficiency in three key areas:

• The adaptation of marketing communications: addressing different cultures, languages, audience segments and media plans.

• The production of these adaptations across the full range of print, digital and video content.

• The seamless delivery of the final product to 50+ markets around the world.

Our hub and spoke system of 13 integrated locations which include offshore hubs in Mumbai, Santiago, Budapest and Buenos Aires enables us to effectively employ a follow-the-sun delivery model. Our integrated Global Network of experts is fully connected by our proprietary cPlus cloud-based platform that allows us to share talent and assets to deliver the people, technology and expertise that’s needed on the scale the job requires.

Our Global Network of Craft Translation and Transcreation teams covers all major world languages through our resource of more than 2,000 in-market linguists, extending and adapting campaigns to reach to the global market.

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