MullenLowe Bucharest: Offices with a Story

Agencies work hard to tell the stories of their clients’ brands. To help encourage creative storytelling, MullenLowe Bucharest designed its offices to highlight the team’s spirit and to enhance creativity. The concept focuses on two well-known stories – Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince - and their magical worlds can be discovered in unique design elements scattered throughout the workspace. The story fragments and characters are inserted in the common areas only, ensuring that individuals express their uniqueness in their own spaces. But fairy-tale elements abound and include contorted yellow furniture and oversized tea cups in the cafeteria serving as lighting objects.

“In our industry, we have so much space to leverage our imagination. This is exactly what we did when we defined the concept of our new offices in Bucharest,” commented Hortensia Nastase, Vice President Creative Services, MullenLowe. ”We wanted to offer a unique working place, where ideas come to life unhindered and we are encouraged to get more genuine every day. We like to say our space expresses the very soul of our team, inspiring us.”

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