McCann New York Launches First Work for Chick-fil-A

In a world dominated by smart phones, apps, bots and drones, the classic hoof-painted signs of cows can only do so much. So this year, the cows are upping their game with the latest in tech innovation, taking their unique self-preservation message to the next level.

These days, virtual reality is all the rage and the Chick-fil-A cows are jumping on the bandwagon in the first work for the brand from McCann New York.

The campaign, which broke during the Grammys, consists of 3 films, a virtual reality experience, a mobile site with streaming VR and 360° video experiences at, limited edition in-store cowzVR viewers, as well as original social and digital content.

In the teaser “Pasture,” we get to see the cows in their natural environment, testing their VR experience, proudly announcing the next great technological innovation, "cowzVR is heer." "Delivery" shows the cows hard at work giving VR headsets to people far and wide, and "Reality" captures the reactions of the very first people to engage in the immersive cowzVR experience.

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