FCB Chicago and Radio Flyer Create Kids’ Travel Agency

It started by asking a 7-year-old, “if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?” His response, “Dragon’s Butt Kingdom.” That was the inspiration and from there, everyone at FCB Chicago channeled their inner 7-year-old to dream up Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, the first travel agency for kids.

Created in celebration of Radio Flyer’s 100th anniversary, this idea was inspired by the act of make-believe and the creativity that inherently lives in every child. Today, kids’ creative freedom and imagination is being limited by a world of structured play, so the kids’ travel agency was created to provide them with an opportunity to dream big and provide an experience that brings their imagination to life.

Upon entering this one-day pop up, children were greeted by travel agents and interviewed about their likes, to dream up a destination they would love to explore, and then pick the perfect Radio Flyer vehicle to transport them there.

The kids were issued passports, and invited to take an instant trip to a dream destination (via green screen). The photo, posters, brochures, and travel essentials were provided as keepsakes, to inspire further adventures at home.

"For 100 years, Radio Flyer has inspired kids to use creativity to forge new adventures, explore new spaces and make believe," said Liz Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Chicago. "This unique travel agency brings the fantastical to life and reminds kids that Radio Flyers are ready to go wherever their minds take them,” she continued.

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