MRM//McCann Spain and Santander Bank Show That Life Goes Beyond Money

MRM//McCann Spain is working with Santander Bank to promote its new 1|2|3 Smart Account for millennials in an entertainingly novel way: with a short science fiction film.

The 1|2|3 Smart Account is aimed at young people ages 18 to 31, a target that values experiences as much as they do money. With that in mind, Santander created an account that they say goes “beyond money,” offering tools, resources and experiences designed to help individuals progress through life. Besides offering financial benefits, Smart Account holders have access to benefits from online training, grants and technology to leasing cars — plus much more.

To bring the philosophy behind the Smart Account to life, the MRM//McCann Spain team partnered with award-winning director Kike Maillo and famed actress Adriana Ugarte to create “Beyond Money,” a cinematic science fiction thriller. The film takes place in a near future where it is possible for people to buy and sell their personal experiences. Lucia, played by Ugarte, decides to sell some of her experiences to earn money. Surrounded by wealth and luxury, she ultimately discovers where her own balance lies. The idea: Life goes beyond money… and the Santander Bank 1|2|3 Smart Account will help ensure that your money serves you rather than the other way around. The film is available online, on demand and will be broadcast on five different television channels.

As a part of the integrated campaign, the team also developed a 60-second trailer for television, cinema and internet; a poster to be displayed in Santander branches throughout the country; plus press communications, radio, banners, billboards and digital billboards in La Liga Santander’s stadium. The campaign also features a second phase that is more focused on the specific financial and non-financial benefits of the account, which will be supported by real-time bidding and retargeting.

Millennials tend to be critical of banks and very savvy about advertising. By creating a campaign that starts with a short film and that invites viewers to question the values of the banking industry, the team is helping Santander Bank build a trusting relationship with this all-important target market.

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