R/GA and Samsung Launch New TV with One Billion Colors

Samsung’s newest high-end television, the QLED, is capable of displaying one billion colors, but standard production practices are not advanced enough to display this range of pantones. To launch the new set, R/GA New York built propriety technology to create the world’s first piece of film capable of displaying one billion colors, showcasing the visual potential of the ground-breaking QLED TV.

The first challenge was how to count and verify that the film contained one billion colors. Current technologies aren’t capable of counting colors, so R/GA data scientists, technologists and color experts created an algorithm that could analyze every frame to count the unique color values. Using RGB values as vector points, the team plotted every color value within a 3D space to create a “fingerprint” of the film’s colors.

After shooting the film, the team faced a second challenge. As videos go through the post-production process, rounds of file compression actually remove color information and narrow the range of colors in the content. Upon seeing which colors had been lost, the team modified the algorithm to restore the missing colors and increase the film’s dynamic color range to use every one of the colors the QLED could display.

The Billion Color Film is a high-speed journey through Paris from the point of view of a ray of light as it races through the city at dawn. The film explores the relationship between light and color as a demonstration of the Quantum Dot process.

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