Carmichael Lynch Shows How Jack Link’s ‘Beats the Snack out of Other Snacks'

For some time now, people have surmised that Jack Link’s Jerky is just another tasty snack. Somewhere along the line, these surmise-ers forgot that jerky is made of meat and that meat is made of protein and that protein is good. So, while looking for ways to summarize jerky’s myriad benefits, Carmichael Lynch dug deep into nutritional facts of all kinds. In the end, illustrating powerful protein power and nutritional superiority through the use of tools like polygraphs and protein detectors proved the best way to demonstrate that Jack Link’s Jerky beats the snack out of other snacks.

In the new “Versus” campaign, Jack Link’s takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to nutrition facts while also illustrating the upside of portable protein snacks. Five new spots reprise the line “Beats the snack out of other snacks” and shows the benefits of Jack Link’s Jerky in relationship to other snack options that are less portable and lower in protein.

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