Marathon Motivator

The London Marathon is the city's biggest public spectacle of the year with 800,000 people lining the streets of the capital and the event being beamed to 196 countries. For Liverpool runner, Scott Montgomery, these events are less about exercising and more about fundraising.

To help him get across the finish line with some motivation while raising money, we outfitted Scott with a "carrot and stick" style Dunkin' Donuts headgear set – the "Marathon Motivator"- that dangled a giant tempting donut just 18 inches from his face. He also wore a Dunkin’ Donut’s branded outfit alongside the message "Just Donut." Dunkin’ Donuts provided Montgomery with £2000 toward his chosen charity, Children with Cancer UK.

The Dunkin' Donuts headgear was promoted on social media before the event with a film and print ads that mimicked 1980’s US home shopping TV, giving the hat a comical backstory that claimed it was a failed 1980’s invention. Found footage from a 1980s shopping channel was rescued and restored, showing a product that Dunkin Donuts put out, one that never quite took off. Dunkin Donuts decided to build the product for the 2017 London Marathon, letting one lucky runner see what all the technological-donut-fuelled-fuss is about.The "official" line from Dunkin’ Donuts was that they had re-discovered the film in their archives and were resurrecting it for the London Marathon 2017 in order to raise money for a good cause.

Montgomery wore the hat to show how a delicious Dunkin’ Donut can provide extra motivation as part of his quest to run 2017 miles in multiple marathons throughout this year to provide money for the charity, which supports children living with cancer.


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