O2-Relive the Night

O2 performing


O2 wanted to drive a stronger association between their master brand-particularly amongst 18-25 year olds. To do this, we were challenged to create digital products and services that enhanced the experience itself.


O2 has a unique position as a brand. Being the sponsor of 20 live music venues around the UK, we had the potential to access a wealth of data from live music fans, and untapped artist and gig-related content. We conducted extensive ethnographic research on the gig experience which uncovered an emotive, under-met need amongst music fans - the need to make sense of, prolong and relive their gig experiences. Furthermore, fans had been trying to do this through a combination of sub-par photos on their phones and scouring platforms like YouTube and Setlist FM.

How We Pressed Play

We saw a huge opportunity to bundle this up and develop an innovative new activation - Relive the Night (RtN)- a digital memento of your gig. It lives as a dynamic site served to fans after their gig experience, and contains a host of bespoke content including a message from the artist, professional photos, an interactive set list, and fun, shareable stats from the night. This allows fans to enjoy the one-off experience rather than trying to record it. We installed proprietary innovative new tech into venues to measure the crowd's movement, energy levels and noise throughout the gig. This data is then relayed to fans in the form of interactive, engaging and original content. Currently in beta, RtN has exceeded all our expectations.


  • 25k music fans reached to date
  • Average dwell time 3 mins 24 seconds
  • Share ratio of 5.2%
  • 7/10 music fans said RtN made the gig experience better
  • 6/10 music fans said RtN made them feel more positively about O2

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