Hill Holliday and Planet Fitness Launch New Work

“I just can’t see myself at Planet Fitness,” opens a new TV campaign from Hill Holliday for Planet Fitness. The new campaign from features a cast of personality-flawed characters staunchly declaring their opposition to Planet Fitness, while also demonstrating why the rest of us might be glad they’ll be steering clear.

The work aims to present Planet Fitness as counter-culture to the vain, judgmental and overly intense atmospheres of other gyms. For instance, “Mirror Guy,” which first aired in April, features a shirtless and nearly inhumanly fit man admiring a reflection-of-a-reflection-of-a-reflection of himself in spin class, as he declares that, “there just aren’t enough mirrors at Planet Fitness, and that’s why you won’t be seeing me there any time soon.”

The campaign continues with a new spot this week, “Pullups,” that features a woman who criticizes Planet Fitness because of their “rules against acting like you’re better than everyone else.” Her condescending rant is punctuated by impossible one-handed horizontal pullups.

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