Hill Holliday Works with Kay Jewelers to Immortalize Love

Hill Holliday worked with KAY Jewelers on the “Beam Your Love” digital experience where people record a message of love on BeamYourLove.com. The audio messages are then converted into radio waves beamed into space as photons via satellite, destined to travel through the universe forever.

The website hosts the messages sent by people from around the world, and also has a few surprises. After recording, you get a trajectory number (much like an Amazon tracking number), so you can check how far the message has traveled from Earth. And just in time for gift-giving season, you can also gift a beautiful (and shiny) reminder of your love by engraving (free of charge) the trajectory number of your message onto a two-stone diamond ring from KAY’s “Ever Us” collection.

“Beam Your Love is a beautiful and personal way to share your feelings for your best friend and your true love in an everlasting way,” said Kris Land, VP of Marketing for Kay Jewelers. “The experience speaks to the heart of what Kay Jewelers stands for, recognizing the love and gratitude shared between two people.”

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